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Grow your Empire, Build your Income, then... Crush your friends!

The family board game that's packed with fun and is super easy to play. 

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What's that you say?

'It's like MONOPOLY except there are Ninjas, really cool buildings, angry beasts, natural disasters, underpaid killer robots, fat stacks of cash and the occasional mutant kitten with a laser beam on it's head!' – Metro News Network

"Crush your friends, but in a nice way."


Bringing out the worst in humanity has never been so much fun.

Metropolis is a hilarious and fun property board game for all ages, featuring iconic buildings. You must use extreme cunning and malevolence to rein supreme. 

Build the biggest empire of iconic buildings from around the globe. Collect Fat Stacks of cash and dominate your friends. 

Gather the right 'Resource' cards in your hand, then, with the timing of a Tabby cat trained in the dark arts of 'Ninjitsu', pounce on the best properties before your opponents do, leaving them demoralized and ashamed.  

Crush your friends and family with an array of surprising and hilarious 'Deal' and 'Risk' cards, then watch them cry a little on the inside as you try but fail to contain your smugness. All this winning really is very addictive.